44 - Snapper and Self Coaching

April 3, 2017

Bocas Del Torro, Snowboarding, Tree Of Knowledge. News: big wave world tour, sponsorship, Snapper, webcasts, Owen Wright’s back, rise  of the goofies. Listener emails: choosing drills and coaching yourself. What to watch: Tommy Whitaker, Connor Coffin Year One, Torryn Martin Sea Legs, Jordy Smith.


43 - Do Shark Deterrents Actually Work?

March 16, 2017

Do shark deterrents actually work? We ask leading shark researcher, Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou. News: companies for the planet; Dane Reynolds headlines; surfer magazine merge; BWWT winners; big wave equipment; Listener emails: alternate longboard tour; goofy or natural; Plus: Puppies; snowboarding and what to watch.


42 - The Cuban Thaw

February 26, 2017

Main feature: Surfing in Cuba. News: Mavericks goes bust; new surf films and TV shows; Obama Vs Branson and why failure is good; female air project and explicit Vs implicit learning. Listener emails: surfing with different body sizes. What to watch: firewire get technical; surfboard adverts; Gerry Lopez in Bali; John John’s cut downs. Photos by Larissa Akira Hiraishi


41 - The Wingnut Interview

February 5, 2017

Robert “Wingnut” Weaver talks about his career as surfing’s most iconic long boarder. Tommy Potterton also joins the growing Surf Simply podcast team. Surfing Magazine shuts down, Owen Wright back in competition, Asher’s rebuttal of Ru’s noseriding technique, Harry talks backhand tube riding, Rusty’s anti shark surfboards, Mick Fanning’s award, Mark Zuckerberg in hot Hawaiian waters. Listener emails: best technique on the WSL and if money were no object.


40 - Science Salad

January 24, 2017

This episode is a diet and nutrition special where we look at the science behind eating healthily and debunk some of the common claims you hear in the media. Plus Will makes his own surfboard, Harrison rides single fin thrusters, hang five controversy, Harry surfs with Wingnut, Matt Warshaw launches the History Of Surfing online, Paul Speaker leaves the WSL, Surftech relaunch and what to watch. 


39 - Live Bravely

January 5, 2017

This special edition of the show features interviews with: founder and editor of Outside Magazine, Larry Burke; climate scientist, Daniel Sigman; and surf film maker Heather Hudson, plus mountain biking, Nazara, the Pipemasters, Who’s on Tour, Photographysux and what to watch.


38 - The Long Game

December 15, 2016

The future of longboarding; web series are the new surf movie. News: Dane Vs The Inertia; The Eddie will be on; who’s on tour for 2017; adaptive world title; longboard titles. Listen questions: priority tactics; back foot position. Plus What to Watch and chat from Harry, Derek, Will and Asher. 


37 - Off The Online Rack

December 1, 2016

Should you buy custom surfboards or buy from the online rack; How to surf bigger waves; Dane Reynolds’ new film “Chapter 11”, plus news, what to watch and lots of the usual surf-centric banter from the guys at Surf Simply.


36 - Judgebots

November 17, 2016

What could make judging more objective and could robots do it; the men and women of Jaws; the history and future of artificial reefs; plus the news, what to watch and lots of silly banter.


35, part 2 - Plenty More Fish In The Sea

November 8, 2016

The Ross Sea, Ocean stats that will blow your mind, Typhoon lagoon, Deus’s Slidetober, Bonzers, twin fin rails,  surf tax and corruption in Indo, best surfing podcasts, new A.I. documentary, computer modeling surfing, plus confirmation bias and how to know if you’re wrong. Photo by Prof. Sam Purkis


35, part 1 - So Good They Named Him Twice

November 6, 2016

John John’s world title; How to do the North Shore; Jessie in Ireland; Asher in Indo; Harry at QED; Will in Japan; Eddie Aikau cancelled; Women in Titan’s of Mavericks; Transgender athletes; The WSL and ISA collaborate for Olympics; Tyler’s title; Is judging subjective or just complex?; Kelly’s new year; what’s the triple crown and what to watch. Portrait of John John by Morgan Maassen. 


34 - Surfanomics

August 15, 2016

Surf coach turned economist Sam Wakerley joins the show to talk about at a new study looking at the economic impact of surfing plus: crocs attacks; the olympics; surfing and university; the US open; padang padang; midget farrelly; plus what to watch.