59 - Surviving Holds Downs + CJ Nelson Interview

June 19, 2018

Jessie talks breath holds and surviving hold downs. Tommy interviews CJ Nelson and Surf Simply coach, Teale Beckenbach joins us for the first time. Plus: getting engaged, pushing kids into waves, the news, fantasy surfer and what to watch.


58 - Mexico & The Machine

May 24, 2018

With Asher back from the Mexilogfest and Ru back from Kelly’s Wave Pool, we compare the two very different events and ask what lies ahead for surf contests plus: Jacuzzi in the studio, glamping in big Sur, Waco gravity wave, sharks in W.A., upcoming Uluwatu contest and what to watch.


57 - Mick Fanning: The Best Of Us

April 14, 2018

Understanding the relationship between surfboard volume and surface area plus: a look back at Mick Fanning’s career; Surf Simply’s Nicaragua trip (and injuries), Derek hand planing, changing towels, no pipe masters, air shows, George Downing passes, Kirra & Bells contest catch up, new contest format; WSL changes and what to watch. 


56 - Clarke Little Interview and Surf Simply 2.0

February 19, 2018

Surf Simply’s new surf coaching resort, Clarke Little interview; Costa Rica's trump/brexit, happiness apps, surf ranch feedback, a new head judge, Facebook/WSL collaboration; losing the Pipemasters; Pierre Agnes; and what to watch via "asherhythms".


55 - Shiny New Things

January 26, 2018

Turning 40; VR Tech; JJF wins world title; Dusty Pain heavy wipeout; drone rescues; antibiotic resistant surfers; Quikbong merger; best objects of 2017; harry’s extra large fanny pack; things vs experiences; Fitbit for surfing; deck pads on longboards; cut backs on twinnies; plus what to watch.


54 - Bruce Brown, A Final Conversation

December 14, 2017

Legendary surf film maker Bruce Brown joins us on the show just a few weeks before his passing in Dec 2017. Bruce’s first film “Slippery When Wet” was made in 1955 but is now most widely known for “The Endless Summer” and “The Endless Summer 2”. At 80 Bruce is still sharp, funny and full of great stories from an amazing life.


53 - Matt Warshaw and The Encyclopedia Of Surfing

December 8, 2017

Matt Warshaw is the former editor of Surfer Magazine and author of The Encyclopedia of Surfing, The History of Surfing and "Above The Roar: 50 Surfer Interviews". In order to maintain the online life of these latter three incredible projects, he needs subscribers to pay the bills. So that's means us surf geeks need to save the day - www.encyclopediaofsurfing.com


52 - In Bloom

December 5, 2017

Blue Planet 2; Competitors Shaping Their Own Boards; Algorithms For Fantasy Surfers; 2018 World Tour Schedule; plus CNN & The FT; Big Wave Courses; Flooded Water Housings; Surfing After the Snip; and Ready To Read.


51 - Profile, Outline and Foil

November 12, 2017

Features: surfboard profiles, foil and outline; the photography of Art Brewer. Travel: France, El Salvador, Chile and Fiji. News: Surfline buys Magic Seaweed and WSL take over Mavericks contest. Plus: WSL contest update including the Kelly Slater’s Wave Rancho event, and what to watch.


50 - Surfboard Volume To Weight Ratios + “Island Earth” Film Review

September 8, 2017

How to calculate your surfboard size based on weight and skill level, also we unpack the science behind “Island Earth”, a new documentary about the conflict between Hawaiian communities and big agriculture companies, plus the news and what to watch.


49 - The Women Who Surf On The Pale Blue Dot

August 25, 2017

Surf Simply’s Kerianne Kreger joins Ru, Harry and Asher for episode 49. We talk: Sexism in the surf industry; The ecplise; Triathlons; First time tow surfing; “Pushed” turns; New WSL CEO, Sophie Goldsmidt; Most expensive places to learn to surf; Fiji, Teahupoo + JBay round up; What to watch plus Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot"


48 - Surf Photography with Damea Dorsey

August 3, 2017

This episode is a water photography special. Ru Hill talks with Damea Dorsey about: being a photographer on the world tour; traveling with John John; shooting at Pipeline; living in Bali; film vs digital; Sony vs Canon Vs Nikon and buying your first water photography kit.